Coming November 2014
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"This is an unconventional, very modern take on a mystery, with dry humor and wit. Definitely worth a try!"  4 1/2 stars (Fantastic - Keeper)

Library Journal
"The taut writing and excellent action sequences make this debut an engrossing read. The chemistry between Bai and her ex add a sensual flavor. . . . Readers who like their suspense novels propelled by a strong female protagonist against the backdrop of a foreign culture will want to give this book a shot. Robinson starts a new series featuring delicious characters and an intriguing setting with a bang."
Bai Jiang--San Francisco's best-known souxun ("people finder")--is hired to track down the mysterious Daniel Chen. Police inspector Kelly suspects Chen of being involved in a botched drug heist that resulted in the death of an officer. Bai has her own suspicions. She thinks the police just want to see Chen dead. And she wonders what they're trying to hide by executing him.
World conflict and family strife explode as adversaries face off in San Francisco's Chinatown, a world away from the one we know.